Shags and Mullets

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Have you been admiring mullets and shags from afar, feeling a little intimidated to try carving up one for yourself?  And what’s the difference between a mullet and shag anyway?  We’re here to break it all down and share our favorite tips and tricks to give ANYONE a flattering mullet or shag.

Join us and learn new fun cutting techniques with the razor, how to get those sweet tendrily bits, and the best way to hand style any hair texture. 


Thanks to this training:

  • Understand what differentiates a shag from a mullet 
  • Learn razor cutting techniques: texturizing with a razor, weight removal, and tension 
  • Follow one shag and one mullet demonstration from different perspectives and different hair types 
  • Focus on clean sectioning patterns, combing, and face-framing  
  • Learn the importance of balance, head shape, and suitability 
  • Create layers that complement the models head shape and features 
  • Master the use of over-direction to create seamless transitions from short to long 
  • Discover what makes a shape square as opposed to round 
  • Grasp how to create a modern and elegant silhouette
  • Learn how to style a mullet to carry that effortless yet edgy vibe


Following this training you will put into practice:

  • Consult with your clients and learn to study head shape, suitability, proportion, and balance.
  • Be able to implement new techniques with the razor
  • Use creative sectioning to approach and help navigate the cut
  • Learn how to cut bangs to suit your client and how to connect them seamlessly to the layering to give the unique characteristics of a shag
  • Become comfortable with weight removal and varying strokes for different hair types.
  • Select and apply the appropriate products to suit your clients
  • Do a natural blow-dry with either their hands, a diffuser, or a brush
  • Become proficient in the consultation and verbiage when discussing mullets
  • Create square and round shapes within the haircut to best suit the individual
  • Read growth patterns and cowlicks that may disrupt the shape
  • Expand on razor skills so one can finesse the hairlines and transition into longer lengths and textures
  • Know when and where to use weight removal and understand how that differentiates from texturizing
  • Easily style the finished cut in an effortless and modern way


Professionals with intermediate training

Technical skills

Technique will not be a problem. During this training you will put into practice:

  • Hand razor
  • Lengths
  • Visagism
  • Texturizing
  • Hair styling
  • Haircut Diagram
  • Sections
  • Partings
  • Hair characteristics
  • Hair distribution
  • Disconnection
  • Layering
  • Cutting angles

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Shags and Mullets

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