How to enhance volume with clip-in extensions

Level: Starter / Intermediate

Duration: 06:30

Type of training: Premium

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In this tutorial you will learn a great way to give hair extra length, volume, or both by using clip-in extensions.

You will be able to achieve limitless hairstyles, updos, braids, luscious long waves and ensure the maximum hold to the extensions.

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This training course teaches you:

  • New ways to add extra volume to your clients' hair.
  • How to offer tailor-made solutions to the specific requirements of each hairstyle.
  • Discover a tried-and-tested method for securing extensions.


This tutorial allows you to put into practice: 

  • Hair weft attachment and application techniques.
  • Hair weft placement.
  • Curling techniques.


Professionals with beginner and intermediate skill levels

Technical skills

Technique will not be a problem. During this training you will put into practice:

  • Lengths
  • Sections
  • Partings
  • Backcombing
  • Hair characteristics

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How to enhance volume with clip-in extensions

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