Warm balayage with creative freehand techniques

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 14:31

Type of training: Prime

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Marc Calvache's balayage tutorial demonstrates a perfect combination of color application techniques to build a seamless custom-blend of soft honey gold and warm caramel tones.

Learn all about one of the most creative and sought-after color contouring trends in salons the world over.

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In this training course you will learn how to:

  • Combine different color application techniques in a single color service.
  • Understand the importance of hair color customizing to provide tailor-made results for each client's individual needs.
  • Place colors strategically to frame the face, give ultimate shine and add pops of color throughout the hair.


This tutorial allows you to put into practice:

  • Babylights.
  • Freehand balayage.
  • Bespoke color contouring.
  • Performing a consultation for color services.


  • Professionals with an intermediate skill level

Technical skills

Technique will not be a problem. During this training you will put into practice:

  • Highlighting techniques
  • Sections
  • Product
  • Partings
  • Hair characteristics
  • Color formulation
  • Color theory

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Warm balayage with creative freehand techniques

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