Paul Gehring, outlook on future trends and inspirations

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Paul Gehring shares some current fashion trends and the evolution that our line of work goes through due to the clients’ demands.

He shows us the importance of staying up to date with trends and how to pick up on newer ones around us.

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Stylist, instructor, and image & fashion consultant based in Barcelona. Paul Gehring is not limited by borders: he travels around the world teaching classes and seminars, creating fashion shows, carrying out photo shoots, and presenting his creations in several languages. He is a leading figure in the hairdressing industry, he embodies the true Made in Europe spirit, interpreting the best from the various schools on the continent and making them his own, both professionally and culturally. His ability to capture the public's attention and train professional hairdressers makes his fashion shows, seminars, and lectures unique and memorable experiences.

The Paul Gehring team is an expert in trend forecasting consulting. They are a creative team that gives integral answers to collections, events and courses. They are professionals from the world of hairdressing and fashion with an integral vision that emanates from their extensive experience, always in touch with the real world.

Fashion, latest trends, market research, cultural changes. They recognize the reality of life and apply it to fashion and hair. In this way, their forecasts result in a perfect path for each client.


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  • Visagism
  • Hair characteristics

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Paul Gehring, outlook on future trends and inspirations

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