What do we offer?

An assessed business idea and unique technology that will allow you to harness our potential in your target market

Best Content

The best content

Over 680 video tutorials, adapted to every skill level and taught by over 130 nationally and internationally awarded stylists.

Best Technology

Unique technology

Over 5 years of R&D Investments to create a unique training environment, where you will be able to generate income not only per user but also through the commercialization of brand spaces to the main professionals in the beauty industry.

Different Platform

Geographic exclusivity

The MDB Partner agreements yield geographic exclusivity for the operation of the training courses in the selected country.


Monthly profitability

You will receive periodic income with monthly exponential growth, with content created by our team.

What else do we offer?

A team and professionalism that has helped MDB Education become the leading e-learning platform in the market



Our cloud computing architecture offers an online platform that is available worldwide, so your students will have access to the MDB Education content wherever they may be.



Immediate support for you and your students. Our systematic model works around the Flywheel concept, where the client is the center of every activity.


Marketing support

Advise provided by our experienced marketing team, with broad knowledge about leverage and optimization of business plans.


Continuous monitoring

Our goal is to grow together. Make use of our personalized meetings which will guide you through the release and expansion of the business plan within your target market.

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