MDB School is a new generation of Learning Management Systems designed to offer a unique and personalized learning experience and created with the sole purpose of making the interaction between students and instructors easier and smoother.

As an educator, you will be able to use our training methods to prioritize your time and focus on the practical part of your training. All of our courses, activities, and tests have been developed by experts in the different areas of the beauty industry.

Next generation learning platform
vocational schools

MDB SCHOOL takes learning beyond the content repository by integrating with other
"not just academic content" practices to offer a fully improved learning experience.

Leverage your learning process with additional resources, such as extensive skills development
and the creation of dynamic and personalised development/training programs.


Why join MDB School?

Everything you need in a single e-learning platform

The best content

Thorough and informative content, updated and adapted in compliance with the curriculum designed by the Department of Education and Vocational Training.

Personalized schedules

Our platform's flexible design allows you to create the training schedule that you consider best fits your students' needs.

Activities and tests

Archives are updated on a regular basis. Select any activities or tests you would like your students to review.

Student monitoring

You will be able to look into which topics and videos each student has accessed as well as the activities and tests they have completed.

Target audience

Record content

Professional training centers

Professional training centers for beginner, intermediate, and advanced training cycles in hair styling and personal image.

Record content

Private academies

Training centers for hair styling and personal image that may need to work with an up-to-date training platform and methods.



Adapted in compliance to the official curriculum

What else do we offer?

Much more than just a learning platform.
A training environment for you and your students

Platform and App

We provide thorough and informative content, updated and adapted in compliance with the curriculum designed by the Department of Education and Vocational Training.

Intuitive user interface

Our platform's flexible design allows you to adapt your training schedule to your specific needs.

Lifelong learnings

Every instructor that uploads videos to our learning platform will have free access to our advanced training videos which have been developed by the MDB Education artistic team.

Access to MDB Education

Those educators who choose our services will have exclusive access to MDB Education and 680 training videos, taught by over 130 globally and nationally-acclaimed stylists from across the industry.

Interested in MDB School?

Request a demo and our team will get in touch with you