Special effects makeup master class FX 1 + FX 2 + FX 3

Discover how to do characterization and special effects makeup and learn how to use all the products and materials needed to achieve the most amazing results.

Level: Starter / Intermediate

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Do you know how to do professional special effects makeup? Do you want to expand your knowledge and learn how to use specific tools? This master class will provide you with step-by-step videos which will help you master this fascinating and creative side of makeup.

Hairdressers and beauty professionals continuously evolve and develop their knowledge by acquiring different skills in various fields. With this master class, you will be able to learn and improve on some of the most interesting special effects makeup techniques by using simple yet effective methods.

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Thanks to this masterclass you will be able to solidify your knowledge and deliver unique results by:

  • Understanding which products to use to carry out different special effects makeup techniques.
  • Learning how to make artificial blood with different textures.
  • Discovering some fundamental techniques you can use to create bruises and scratches.
  • Understanding the processes of working with artificial skin and gelatin as well as the differences between them.
  • Discovering burn techniques.
  • Learning how to carry out skin ageing techniques.
  • Understanding how to place and handle prostheses and casts.
  • Being able to create realistic wounds with transfer and latex.


In this training course, you will learn:

  • How to make artificial blood.
  • Hematomas.
  • Scratches.
  • Bald caps.
  • How to apply and conceal a bald cap.
  • Deep cuts.
  • Knuckle injuries.
  • Zombie bites.
  • Gunshot wounds.
  • Ax injuries.
  • Eyebrow coverage.
  • Wig, mustache, and beard application.
  • Knowledge of specific FX products, tools, and materials.

Target audience:

This masterclass is meant for professional stylists or hairdressers who:

  1. Would like to gain or expand their skills in special effects makeup.
  2. Are looking for a practical approach to learning to create different types of realistic wounds.

This Masterclass includes FX1 FX2 FX3

Academic team

Each training program is taught by awarded and accomplished stylists who have become authorities in their areas of expertise.


Each topic is comprised of specific training modules that dive deep into the different subjects in order to take your learning experience to the next level.

Step by step

Descriptions of each and every one of our courses so you can implement your new skills at your salon.

Mobile app

Available for iOs and Android so you can continue your education whenever and wherever you want.


All students must pass the different multiple choice tests that will certify their newly obtained skills and knowledge.


Students who have passed all educational modules in each training program will receive an accredited diploma.

Total Amount of Training Segments

8 Modules
15 Videos
15 Skill tests

Course program

Pass every test and obtain your diploma

Special effects makeup master class FX 1 + FX 2 + FX 3

Take all the level tests and successfully pass every exam to obtain your diploma in "Special effects makeup".

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Taught by

Laura del Muro

Laura del Muro

Laura del Muro, maquilladora y peluquera internacional y profesora en la escuela de cine, cesa sus estudios en educación primaria para estudiar maquillaje y caracterización en 2008 en la Escuela Elite Makeup donde recibe clases de moda, publicidad y cine de la mano de Eduardo Jiménez, maquillador oficial de Yves Saint Laurent y María Nebrera, encargada de lanzar la firma Zara Cosmetics, entre otros. Tras su formación en maquillaje, a los 20 años empieza una asistencia junto a grandes maquilladores de talla internacional que se extenderá durante cinco años pasando a ser maquilladora en grandes equipos y teniendo el gusto de trabajar con…

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