Professional Updo Techniques. Development and execution

Do you want to offer professional updo styling services but need to practice on your techniques? This master class is here to help! Expand your knowledge of basic skills and learn to execute any type of updo.

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In the world of styling techniques, there is as much variety in styling methods as there are types of clients. Every client is different, so you have to develop ideas, suggestions, and solutions for all their needs. The key to success is in the knowledge you acquire through training.

This masterclass will allow you to put into practice the best updo techniques, allowing you to bring whatever your clients request to life, according to their individual tastes and specific needs.

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When it comes to updo techniques, innate creativity and professional dexterity factor into the process—and when you add knowledge and technical tools, you'll find that your skills will notably improve when it comes to one of the most popular salon services.

Advising your clients by taking into account important details, such as clothing, their everyday style, personality, and other aesthetic traits will guarantee the success of your services.

This masterclass is the training you need to find confidence in your updo techniques. Through a series of detailed explanations and precise demonstrations, the class will teach you how to create updos using different foundations and structures to achieve a variety of designs and shapes which are perfectly pinned and secured.


Through this training you will:

  • Understand how the base structure of an updo ensures long-lasting hairstyles.
  • Learn to create sturdy base structures for any style of updo.
  • Discover surprising tricks and ideas for hair design.
  • Learn to fasten your designs with hidden bobby pins.
  • Understand how a basic updo technique can be used to create many different upstyles.
  • Learn to adapt the shape of an updo to each head and face shape.
  • Discover the infinite techniques and shapes you can use to design hairstyles.


Following this master class you will be able to:

  • Evaluate what type of base structure works for each updo.
  • Move with dexterity when using a freehand styling technique.
  • Combine different shapes and techniques in updos.
  • Understand the different tools and techniques you can use to hold updos in place, and the results you will obtain with each of them.
  • Choose the partings and sections you need for each style of updo.
  • Decorate hair with simple techniques, such as loops, braids, knots, and directional sections.


This training is for you if:

  • You already have basic knowledge of hair styling techniques and updos but want to perfect them.
  • You want to gain experience and confidence in your updo techniques.
  • You are lacking dexterity when it comes to your freehand styling techniques.
  • You want to boost your creativity and come up with new updo ideas.


If you sign up now, you will have additional access to:

  • A private support group made up of our team of stylists that can answer all your questions.
  • Additional content included in this course.
  • An accredited diploma, available to download when you pass all the skill tests.


Academic team

Each training program is taught by awarded and accomplished stylists who have become authorities in their areas of expertise.


Each topic is comprised of specific training modules that dive deep into the different subjects in order to take your learning experience to the next level.

Step by step

Descriptions of each and every one of our courses so you can implement your new skills at your salon.

Mobile app

Available for iOs and Android so you can continue your education whenever and wherever you want.


All students must pass the different multiple choice tests that will certify their newly obtained skills and knowledge.


Students who have passed all educational modules in each training program will receive an accredited diploma.

Total Amount of Training Segments

8 Modules
11 Videos
10 Skill tests

Course program

Pass every test and obtain your diploma

Professional Updo Techniques. Development and execution

Take all the level tests and successfully pass every exam to obtain your diploma in Professional Updo Techniques. Development and execution.

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The MDB Education team has developed a rendezvous point for hairdressing, manicure and make-up professionals at an international level, and,with the support MDB's artistic team's extensive international training experience, offers a wide range of top quality training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the course videos?

No, because of a rights issue, you can't do it. But remember that you have access for life, so you can access them whenever you want and view them from any device connected to the Internet.

Do the trainers have experience in the world of hairdressing?

ModumB educators are in constant training and always renew themselves to offer the best. Their careers allow them to share with others what they do best. They are also passionate about their work.

Is there a deadline for completing the course?

No, the important thing is that you learn and enjoy doing it. That's why there are no timetables or delivery dates. You set your own times.

Do I have to pay tuition?

No, at ModumB you don't have to pay tuition. All you have to do is pay the course fee and you will have immediate access to all the content, as well as any updates that our technical team may subsequently include.

Can I pay in instalments?

No, access to the course is unlimited, so in one payment you will have access for life.

How can I purchase the course?

All you have to do is click on "Register me now" and make your purchase through your credit/debit card or through PayPal.

Do I get a diploma at the end of the course?

Yes, if you successfully pass all the tests at the end of the training course, you can download your diploma.

If I buy the course have I access for life?

Yes, once you have access to the course, even when you have finished, you will have access for life to consult the content whenever you want

Do I have access from any electronic device?

Yes, all of the content of ModumB is accessible from any device that has Internet connection.

Is the course only made up of tutorial videos?

No, the course consists in step by step video trainings, downloading guides and tests.