Men's Haircut Fundamentals

Learn how to create haircuts and looks adapted to each client and their specific needs.

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Do you want to expand and upscale your salon services by offering haircuts for men? Would you like to acquire the necessary skills to cater to both your male and female clientele? This masterclass is the perfect immersive experience into the world of male hairstyles.

In this masterclass, Juanjo Ruzafa, barber and professional hairdresser, introduces you to the fascinating world of styling and trimming men's hair. You will learn cutting and styling techniques, learn about which tools, products, business practices, etc. to use, and all you need to know to offer specialized services and haircuts tailored to the individual needs and tastes of your male clients.

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With this masterclass, you will learn:

  • The origins of barbering.
  • To understand the aesthetic needs of your male clients.
  • How to choose the right tools for men's haircut services.
  • The latest and most popular trends and styles for male haircuts.
  • How to apply specific cutting techniques to men's hair.
  • Safe work practices and performing specialist consultation services.


In this training course, you will learn:

  • To cut a variety of different styles and lengths.
  • How to adapt lengths to different hair trends.
  • How to use parts, angles, and sections.
  • How to adapt lengths and shapes to different hairstyles.
  • Head and face shape analysis.
  • Customer service techniques.
  • The correct use of tools.

Target audience:

This masterclass is meant for professional stylists or hairdressers who:

  1. Would like to gain or expand their skills in men's haircuts.
  2. Want to find out how to create cool and trendy hairstyles.
  3. Are looking for a practical approach to learning to design the perfect hairstyle for their male clients.
Academic team

Each training program is taught by awarded and accomplished stylists who have become authorities in their areas of expertise.


Each topic is comprised of specific training modules that dive deep into the different subjects in order to take your learning experience to the next level.

Step by step

Descriptions of each and every one of our courses so you can implement your new skills at your salon.

Mobile app

Available for iOs and Android so you can continue your education whenever and wherever you want.


All students must pass the different multiple choice tests that will certify their newly obtained skills and knowledge.


Students who have passed all educational modules in each training program will receive an accredited diploma.

Total Amount of Training Segments

10 Modules
22 Videos
23 Skill tests

Course program

Pass every test and obtain your diploma

Men's Haircut Fundamentals

Once you have successfully passed all the level tests and exams, you will receive a diploma showing you have completed the "Men's Haircut Fundamentals" masterclass.

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Taught by

Juanjo Ruzafa

Juanjo Ruzafa

Juanjo Ruzafa, great-grandson, grandson and son of a barber, is the fourth generation of a family dedicated to the world of barbering dating back to 1915: "I started working in the 1980s, when I was only 14 years old, by helping my father out in the barbershop on Saturdays, while my friends went off to play football. It was then that I started to hate barbering, although it didn't take me long to realize that, what had once been an obligation, had become an essential part of my daily life and turned into a major commitment and a source of…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course only made up of tutorial videos?

No, the course consists in step by step video trainings, downloading guides and tests.

Do I have access from any electronic device?

Yes, all of the content of ModumB is accessible from any device that has Internet connection.

If I buy the course have I access for life?

Yes, once you have access to the course, even when you have finished, you will have access for life to consult the content whenever you want

Do I get a diploma at the end of the course?

Yes, if you successfully pass all the tests at the end of the training course, you can download your diploma.

How can I purchase the course?

All you have to do is click on "Register me now" and make your purchase through your credit/debit card or through PayPal.

Can I pay in instalments?

No, in one payment you will have lifetime access to the entire course.

Do I have to pay license plate?

No, at ModumB you don't have to pay license plate. All you have to do is pay the course fee and you will have immediate access to all the content, as well as any updates that our technical team may subsequently include.

Is there a deadline for completing the course?

No, the important thing is that you learn and enjoy doing it. That's why there are no timetables or delivery dates. You set your own times.

Do the trainers have experience in the world of hairdressing?

No, at ModumB you don't have to pay license plate. All you have to do is pay the course fee and you will have immediate access to all the content, as well as any updates that our technical team may subsequently include.

Can I download the course videos?

No, because of a rights issue, you can't do it. But remember that you have access for life, so you can access them whenever you want and view them from any device connected to the Internet.