Essential Men haircut course by Ramiro Mata

This masterclass will help you to develp your skills in men´s haircutting techniques.

Level: Intermediate

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Discover the full process of the different men´s haircutting patterns that Ramiro Mata has designed to provide a solution for a variety of hair types and lengths.

With Essential Cut techniques you will learn to carry out a technical assessment and will be able to choose a perfect haircutting method for any men´s haircut.

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This masterclass will sharpen your knowledge and will help you to achieve unique results, as you will:

  • Discover new essential principles of a practical and efficient haircutting method.
  • Learn haircutting techniques for different head and face shapes.
  • Identify aesthetic needs for your male clients.
  • Practice a working system that will help you to create graduations and degradations in order to personalize the volumes for each haircut.
  • Understand which are the appropiate tools to realize different men´s haircutting services. 
  • Be able to design your own haircuts and adapt them to each client.
  • Find out how to make a technical assessment and be able to advise your clients


During this masterclass, you will put into practice:

  • Essential haircutting patterns to personalize each men´s hairstyle. 
  • Haircutting options for different lengths and degradation or graduation techniques.
  • Haircut volumes adapted to the latest men´s trends.
  • Selection of different partitions, angles, directions and sections.
  • Technique adaptation to each haircut, depending on the desired result.
  • Management of specific male cutting tools.

Who is it aimed at? 

This masterclass is designed for you if you´re a stylist or a professional that:

  1. Wants to learn about or improve your knowledge about men´s haircuts. 
  2. Wants to understand how to create avant-garde haircuts.
  3. Is looking for a practical educational method to create the perfect style for male clients. 


Academic team

Each training program is taught by awarded and accomplished stylists who have become authorities in their areas of expertise.


Each topic is comprised of specific training modules that dive deep into the different subjects in order to take your learning experience to the next level.

Step by step

Descriptions of each and every one of our courses so you can implement your new skills at your salon.

Mobile app

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All students must pass the different multiple choice tests that will certify their newly obtained skills and knowledge.


Students who have passed all educational modules in each training program will receive an accredited diploma.

Total Amount of Training Segments

9 Modules
9 Videos
9 Skill tests

Course program

Pass every test and obtain your diploma

Essential Men haircut course by Ramiro Mata

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Taught by

Ramiro Mata

Ramiro Mata

Ramiro began his career as a stylist at the age of thirteen, learning at his father's hairdressing school, combining it with higher education. At the age of 19 he began his professional career as a hairdresser teacher and began to take the reins of the family business based on training in hairdressing and aesthetics with three academies in the north of Spain. At the age of 21, he founded the company Ramiro mata s.a, absorbing family schools and initiating the opening of hairdressing salons. Ramiro mata's artistic career is very diverse and broad, every year she creates stylistic collections of…

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What study areas are covered?

At MDB Education we offer both technical and business training. The technical modules include video tutorials in barbering and women's haircuts, hair coloring, blow drying & styling, updos, chemical perms, relaxers, and smoothing treatments, hair extensions, makeup, and nail services. The business modules consist of educational videos ranging from marketing strategies and business plans, to social media management, service protocols, etc.

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All our training videos are divided into different skill levels, so you can search for the tutorials that best suit your level of expertise.

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