Color Theory. Introduction to Color Formulation

Discover the basics of color choice and how to formulate and achieve the best complementary tones to deliver outstanding, tailor-made coloring services to your clients and get them coming back to your salon for more.

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Do you know how hair color works? Did you know that each individual head of hair has specific characteristics that affect its overall ability to react to color and styling products? The answers to these two questions are key to ensuring the success of each of your coloring services, find out more about them in this masterclass.

It is essential for hairdressing professionals to know how to interpret the naturally occurring levels, tones and undertones present in hair and to fully grasp the key steps to color formulation by learning how to achieve an infinity of complementary hues and shades in hair. This comprehensive masterclass teaches you the basic concepts of color theory which you will then be able to apply to your work and provide high-quality effective services to all our clients, from the first color consultation all the way through to the final result.

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With this masterclass, you will be able to expand your knowledge and:

  • Understand the science of hair.
  • Learn how hair behaves.
  • Learn basic color formulation concepts.
  • Understand the results of color formulation.
  • Learn to tone and neutralize highlights.
  • Explore endless variations of color combinations.


This masterclass allows you to put into practice:

  • Performing a consultation for color services.
  • Coming to grasps with the mechanical behavior and structure of hair.
  • Combining tones and shades.
  • Color formulation.


This masterclass is meant for professional stylists or hairdressers who:

  1. Want to learn how to interpret hair levels and tones.
  2. Are interesed in mastering the art of formulating and creating trendy colors.
  3. Are looking for ways to surprise clients with stunning color services.


Academic team

Each training program is taught by awarded and accomplished stylists who have become authorities in their areas of expertise.


Each topic is comprised of specific training modules that dive deep into the different subjects in order to take your learning experience to the next level.

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All students must pass the different multiple choice tests that will certify their newly obtained skills and knowledge.


Students who have passed all educational modules in each training program will receive an accredited diploma.

Total Amount of Training Segments

9 Modules
15 Videos
15 Skill tests

Course program

Pass every test and obtain your diploma

Color Theory. Introduction to Color Formulation

Take all the level tests and successfully pass every exam to obtain your diploma in "Color Theory. Introduction to Color Formulation".

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The MDB Education team has developed a rendezvous point for hairdressing, manicure and make-up professionals at an international level, and,with the support MDB's artistic team's extensive international training experience, offers a wide range of top quality training.

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