Hairdressing, barbering, makeup, and manicure

The current market environment is fraught with uncertainty and rapidly changing circumstances. Changes brought on by technological innovation means that past success is no longer a guarantee for future results. Our masterclasses help equip professional hair stylists for success and provide them with the means to transform the beauty industry.

Our exclusive methodology offers a bespoke virtual learning experience for each of our students as they develop their professional skills.

Academic staff

Each subject is taught by highly accomplished, award-winning stylists who have become authorities in their areas of expertise.


Each training program consists of a variety of different educational modules that delve into a range of skills, subject areas and are designed to take education to the next level.


All students must complete a range of multiple choice exams and level tests successfully to consolidate and certify their newly obtained skills and knowledge.


Students who have passed all the educational modules in each training program will receive an accredited diploma.

Color Theory. Introduction to Color Formulation

Do you know how hair color works? Did you know that each individual head of hair has specific characteristics that affect its overall ability to react to color and styling products? The answers to these two questions are key to ensuring the success of each of your coloring services, find out more about them in this masterclass.

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Barbering Fundamentals

Want to become well-versed in the essentials of barbering and male grooming techniques? This masterclass provides you with the means to build a strong foundation in basic men's hair cutting skills and to help you get started in the barbering and grooming world.

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Men's Haircut Fundamentals

Do you want to expand and upscale your salon services by offering haircuts for men? Would you like to acquire the necessary skills to cater to both your male and female clientele? This masterclass is the perfect immersive experience into the world of male hairstyles.

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Upstyling Fundamentals

If you would like to revamp your current repertoire of upstyling techniques but don't know how, then this masterclass is just for you! Improve on technique and skill, bring your styling up to date and exceed even your most demanding clients' expectations.

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Balayage Fundamentals

Balayage has been the hottest hair coloring trend in recent years and for a good reason, who would want to miss out on getting beachy, sun-kissed, radiant-looking hair?

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Masterclass on The Foundations of Hair Cutting

This Masterclass takes you through the fundamental principles of hair cutting and teaches basic techniques which will enable you to design and create bespoke looks for your clients.

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