We renew our commitment with Club Fígaro - Peluquería Creativa Española (Spanish Creative Hairdressing)

MDB Education is delighted to announce the renewal of the collaboration agreement with Club Fígaro - Peluquería Creativa Española through which we extend our direct commitment to this recognized associative project in the field of hairdressing and, together with which we want to continue being part of the creative engine of the Spanish hairdressing sector.

We consider this collaboration as an exciting adventure of growth towards business excellence in beauty and hairdressing training, both nationally and internationally. 

And we are not telling you this in vain... 

Surely you already know by now what MDB Education is, but, if not, we would like to tell you that our goal has always been and will always be to democratize training under high quality parameters, without borders and accessible.

Club Fígaro shares many of the values that we stand for... and rightly so! Therefore, collaborating with Club Figaro means supporting the creative engine of the Spanish hairdressing sector, betting on the artistic potential, cooperating for technical innovation, combining passion and dedication by exporting our own culture, our "way of doing hairdressing" and, all this, giving it the recognition it deserves globally.

But we want more...

Since our birth we have been growing at an accelerated pace - for which we are very grateful - positioning ourselves as a leading platform worldwide in beauty industry training for Spanish-speaking professionals. As of May 2021, our online training platform has more than 140,000 professionals in the sector training with us from more than 36 countries around the world. Wow!

The Club Figaro hairdressing photo contest, held annually in Spain since 2010 and through which the most outstanding hairdressers and creative firms in the country are awarded, pursues the basic objective of acquiring greater social recognition of the profession in order to consolidate an industry that is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan and powerful.

Undoubtedly, the renewal of our commitment with Club Fígaro - Peluquería Creativa Española means to continue aligned with our incessant growth towards that excellence in the field of beauty and hairdressing training of which we like to boast so much and for which there are many professionals in the hairdressing world who want to learn and train with us.