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Makeup and hair removal methods for perfect eyebrows

The eye frame has become so important that facial shape analysis has diversified to include makeup and waxing for perfect eyebrows, considering the aspects we tell you about here, read on.

Protagonists: the eyebrows  

Ideally, there should be harmony and proportion between each part of the eyebrow, but when this does not happen, you take action as a professional, to take advantage of and enhance the natural features of your client, taking into account the asymmetries between the eyebrows, if they are full, sparse or nonexistent, whether the client has a wide forehead or not, the shape and color of the eyes, if they are very close to the eyebrows, the general morphology of the face, the skin tone and hair color, and the size and structure of the nose. 

To analyze all this, talk with your client and what they want, since they will be the ambassador of your work for a long time, you could even offer a demo on a mannequin as part of the customization of your service. 

Shaving or plucking the eyebrow? 

 Among professionals, the use of combined makeup and epilation tools and techniques for perfect eyebrows is well known, transforming them with the following methods. 

Cutting the hair

It is the most used by men and women to remove hair from different parts of the body, painlessly and quickly, but the hair reappears 2-3 days later because these methods only cut the visible part of the hair. It can cause blemishes and irritation, and the skin texture becomes irregular every time. Some of the most common techniques are: 

  • Depilatory creams 
  • Shaving razors and blades 
  • Abrasive mitt 
  • Sugaring  


This technique is very popular nowadays and it is the most effective option in terms of long-lasting and professional results, as it removes the hair from the root. The most common methods are: 

  • Laser or pulsed light 
  • Waxing 
  • Electric epilator 

And now for the makeup 

A real eyebrow makeover includes hair removal and makeup to obtain perfect eyebrows using brushes, cream or liquid pigments, clear gels, special brushes, crayon eyeliner, and concealer, always taking the measurements you took to remove the hair into account. Use tiny strokes to apply makeup and shape the eyebrow keeping the shape in mind.

Parts of the eyebrow:

  1. The inner corner or head is the thickest point and is close to the nose.
  2. The body is the continuation of the thickest area.  
  3. The arch is the highest point of the eyebrow. 
  4. The tail is the thinnest part of the eyebrow. 

There are various techniques you can use to fill in your client's eyebrows, one is eyebrow dye, which lasts between 1 and 3 days depending on how long you leave it on. It is a special viscous dye, applied with a brush that you remove as if it were a sticky face mask after it dries, this method is ideal for those people who have patchy eyebrows or little to no hair.  Another method is eyebrow lamination or eyebrow perm, much like a regular salon perm, it's a chemical process that changes the shape of the eyebrow hair so it's easier to shape it. 

Lastly, natural eyebrows or fluffy brows are the latest trend and have a more or less exaggerated shape, the hair is pointing upwards and has a "natural" look to it, it's like eyebrow lamination without having to go through the chemical process.

Now that you know how to shape and fill in your client's eyebrows, here is a training video that will help you obtain perfect eyebrows with makeup every time:

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