Sergio Montes (ESIC)

Sergio Montes (ESIC)

The history of ESIC is closely linked to the business world, since its creation in 1965 by the Religious Congregation of the Priests of the Heart of Jesus (Padres Reparadores), has invested all its efforts in training the best professionals for companies.

ESIC was the first business school created in Spain and arose from the need for professionals to complete their training in the area of Marketing.

Today, ESIC is positioned as the leading school in marketing, recognized, inside and outside our borders, as one of the best training centers in this area. With more than 50,000 alumni, ESIC is a reference center for companies and professionals.

Currently, ESIC is a center attached to the Universities "Rey Juan Carlos", "Miguel Hernández" and "San Jorge" of the Autonomous Communities of Madrid, Valencia and Aragón respectively, and is recognized as an Official University Center by the Ministry of Education of Brazil, in its Curitiba Campus.

Furthermore, ESIC is authorized by the Community of Madrid and the Regional Government of Navarra to offer, in their respective territories, courses following the system of studies in force in the United States, and aimed at obtaining the Bachelor in Business Administration, according to the Agreement with Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

Statement of Values

Our culture of commitment and closeness is our most important asset because our destiny is a common destiny that we must approach with responsibility and personal motivation towards work. ESIC is what it is today because of the commitment and closeness of all those who have been and are part of the School. Commitment means giving our all, always going a little further, defending, defending the common interest as our own and understanding that one's problem is everyone's problem. Closeness means proximity to individuals to help them get the best out of them and serve as a resource in their professional and personal concerns, understanding that each individual is and requires a different treatment; the person is the end of everything we do.

...because our destiny is a common destiny..., which means that we have to assume as our own and encourage in others the values of:

  • Respect for cultures, religions and gender.
  • Solidarity
  • Generosity
  • Effort
  • Tolerance
  • Honesty
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Open and honest communication

...that we must approach with responsibility and personal motivation towards our work, being aware that training is vocational and of the responsibility involved in the formation of people. Therefore, we must exercise a personal and community leadership that is ethical and coherent with the social function that the School fulfills, contemplating its impact on customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders and not seeking immediate recognition beyond the evaluation of our work, but when, years later, our alumni recognize us for our situation and progress in the labor market and when the companies and societies in which they work or live preferentially value the people trained in our classrooms.

Basic pedagogical principles

  • Integrative training attentive to the business reality and to the national and international environment in which companies operate, with specific attention to marketing, commercial management and communication.
  • Full professionalism demanded of its graduates, with the essential features of personal responsibility, technical capacity and dedication to work.
  • Comprehensive human formation in accordance with the spirit of the Dehonian Institution, a Religious Congregation that, since its origins, has been governing the School.
  • Development of the capacity for reflection, creative initiative and risk assessment in decision making.
  • A lively methodology, respectful of the personal identity of each student, which aims to combine academic rigor with business practice, combining study and personal effort with preparation and training for teamwork.
Sergio Montes (ESIC)
By Sergio Montes (ESIC)

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