Raul is a hairdresser by vocation, "from a very young age I knew that this was what I wanted to do, I did not hesitate to leave the classes to get fully into learning a profession for which I felt a strong attraction". 

Years of continuous evolution, training in different centers of the country, consultancies with hairdressers and stylists of recognized prestige, image consulting and knowledge and development of social media applied to the hairdressing sector.

Founder and Director of NOIR since 2017 a personal and identifying project of innovative and avant-garde character.

NOIR French word for the color black, color for which I feel predilection and with which I feel totally identified.

Black for elegance, strength and timelessness. NØIR for sensual and sophisticated. NØIR is a personal concept, a space created from within but also based on these years of influential experiences and travels. Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, New York... NØIR brings a bit of each of them: its culture, its diversity, its architecture, its modern and avant-garde spirit.

In short, NØIR is a brand with identity, created from the most intimate. 

Men's mullet

35:17 Minutes.

Punk Inspired Haircut

30:39 Minutes.

NOIR Works
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New Order