With more than 30 years of experience, Olga Garcia has developed a prestigious career dedicated to what she considers more a passion and a way of life than a profession: hairdressing.

Olga creates numerous fashion collections, participating in the most professionally recognized awards, such as Figaro, AIPP and Style Master. Finalist in headdress awards, finalist in MODAlité awards in Mexico and award for best male collection in barbers 3.0.

His collections are published in the most prestigious professional magazines in the sector. Being digital and printed cover in C&C Magazine.

Member of Barberos 3.0 also collaborates with Baberos Callejeros, making events in open spaces, bringing the concept of barbershop to the street, bringing it closer to the general public.

A tireless entrepreneur, she has done numerous shows and events, some of them organized by herself, collaborating with NGOs and charities.

If we add passion, enthusiasm and an overflowing capacity to keep learning, keep growing and improving, we find ourselves with a dynamic and creative professional like Olga García, who makes hairdressing her passion.

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