Mayte Garrote, hairdresser and stylist, born in Barakaldo in 1977.

Mayte defines herself as restless, creative and dreamer; passionate about her work, which coincides with her hobby and great passion: "making people beautiful". But there is much more to Mayte Garrote. A hairdresser with initiative who has transformed her dreams into a tangible reality, embarking on her own path through her salon Different Estilistas. A team formed by four members with a common goal: perseverance, well-executed work, quality service and continuous technical innovation. 

Aware that the road to excellence begins with a good preparation, Mayte receives diverse training in hairdressing and esthetics. She loves creative hairdressing, something that invites her to display her talent through updos, creating shapes, textures and even impossible volumes. His creative restlessness and his need for continuous innovation have led him to present eight collections that show his versatility and are the expression of his personal vision of fashion and avant-garde hairdressing. 

The national and international relevance of her collections has led to the recognition of the hairdressing and styling sector, being:

Nominated for Spanish Hairdresser of the Year in 2012.
National finalist in the Style Master Contest 2013.
International finalist Aipp in the category "Best Photo" 2013.
Despuntan Award January 2013.
National finalist in the Style Master Contest 2014. - Nominated for Spanish Hairdresser of the Year 2014.
Mayte, dreamer and tireless worker, continues her training in order to expand her technical and aesthetic knowledge. She combines the work in her salon, her creative collections and her constant training, adding collaborations with fashion stores, collections of hairstyles and updos for marriages, as well as her solidarity contribution in charity galas (Unicef, solidarity calendar 2013 fight against childhood cancer).

Mayte's words are revealing when she says: "I am a woman who one day had a dream and thought I could achieve it, I opened my salon to be free and to be able to do the hairdressing I believe in. A good professional always reflects a large part of his or her personality in the hair. Knowing how to listen to the client and to ourselves is a virtue that we all have and sometimes we don't use".

Mayte Garrote is committed to dignifying the profession and, in particular, she is fighting for a desire that is getting closer and closer: to add more female names on stages, at award ceremonies, on the posters of the big hairdressing and styling shows.

In 2014 she started a new project parallel to her salon: Esencia Nupcial, an online portal dedicated to beauty and styling for brides.