María Ángeles García

María Ángeles García

He finished his studies in Advertising in 1991 and at the age of 24 he set up his first company after taking a course at the Marketing School in Madrid; years later he came into contact with the hairdressing sector by collaborating in a family business that was dedicated to the sale of hairdressing furniture and was also the distributor of Pietranera for Spain.

For more than ten years he worked for the family business as a Pietranera sales representative, carrying out sales and management tasks in the opening and renovation of hairdressing salons.

14 years ago she set up Cima Pietranera together with my partner Carmen Gonzalez and CimaPietranera was born as a Pietranera delegation in Madrid with the essential help of the Italian headquarters to carry it out, just 4 years ago the new Italian management decided to give them the exclusive for all Spain and to be the sole distributor thanks to the knowledge and experience that Maria Angeles had of the sector and its products.

She has been a very restless entrepreneur and can say that Pietranera has meant and means "a way of life"; The passion for design and Italian products captivated her from the first moment and the fact of helping the hairdresser to create unique and exquisite spaces, she says, "keeps her alive".

In love with decoration and interior design she has carried out in 2017 a specific course of ¨Decoration of spaces¨ with the publishing house Nuevo Estilo that has allowed her to expand her knowledge to be able to take it to the creation of salons.

Always hand in hand with Pietranera Italia she tries to be present at national and international events related to the world of hairdressing as far as equipment is concerned, have made her live the brand as her own and communicate it as she feels it.

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