Manel Trinitat

Manel Trinitat

ANMEIP, National Association of Fashion and Professional Image, was born with the firm purpose of making available to all professionals in the sector the keys and tools to make your clients fall in love with you.

Manel Trinitat, with an extensive professional career in the world of communication and image, is committed with passion in the training field, to help you achieve the highest level of quality, resulting in the best service and satisfy the most demanding customers.

Co-founder of ANMEIP in 2014, he has developed and designed an exclusive method that pursues the differentiation and professionalization of the sector.  It contributes to give the greatest comfort and security in dealing with the client, so that each visit is a totally personalized and unique moment, being fascinated by the high level of excellence received.

A working method adapted to today's demanding market and taking into account the real needs of the client, who demands more and more from hairdressing professionals.  

A new vision and way of understanding this profession, to take a great leap and become an Image Manager, mastering all the techniques that are essential today to be a 360º professional and, thus, make your company the focus of all eyes.

Sharing knowledge is a universal right and this is the Leitmotiv that drives the entire ANMEIP team. Helping to add up and making satisfaction the engine that moves us every day.