Edurne Senosiain

Edurne Senosiain

Edurne has known what a hairdresser smells like since she was born. It was her mother and her aunt who were in charge of passing the baton of this profession to her.

It was always clear to her that she wanted to be a hairdresser, she wanted to use her hands to create, because one thing is clear: your hands make you different.

She trained in Pamplona, continued her studies in San Sebastian at the hands of Gonzalo Zarauza, and from there she returned focused on one thing: setting up her own hairdressing salon.

It was in 1999 when she opened the doors of her first center in Pamplona's Chantrea neighborhood. Little by little, or a lot by a lot, she grew as a professional and businesswoman and opened the doors of her second salon, this time in the Rochapea neighborhood. A much larger center in every sense.

Since then, she collaborates with the best brands creating design and style. For years she has created her own collections full of color and innovation. Internationally and nationally recognized. Edurne is a hair care professional.

In recent years she has traveled to the United States to develop new coloring techniques that achieve a natural and true effect. A trip in which she shared moments of work and training with Johnny Ramirez, one of the most internationally recognized colorists.

Now she continues to work, with her hands, focused on the Arrieta Street studio, offering her best work and professionalism to all those who come to one of her centers. And above all knowing how to form a team of great professionals who are able to develop in their best version.

Because she is capable of making any trend in the market a reality.

Edurne is more than a name, Edurne is a creator of style.