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Taking online education to a whole new level

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Education your way

Step by step video tutorials designed for every skill level and taught by some of the most prestigious stylists. You choose where to begin.

Barbering and haircuts

The latest trends in barbering and women’s & men’s haircuts.


From basic concepts to the most daring color application techniques.


Provide a wide range of hair styling services with hair extensions.


Get inspired to create updos for parties, weddings and any special occasion.

Blow drying & Styling

Perfect your blow-drying and styling techniques.

Salon Business

Increase your salon’s profitability. Discover new business models and the enormous impact digital transformation has had on them.


Our exclusive methodology offers a bespoke virtual learning experience for each of our students as they develop their professional skills on a specific topic.


National and international award-winning professionals, selected meticulously to teach each specialized masterclass.

Training modules

Every masterclass is divided into separate modules so students are able to gain and consolidate a range of different skills.


Students will be required to pass a number of exams and placement tests throughout the course of their training.

Accredited diploma

All students who have successfully passed every module will receive an accredited diploma for each training program.

MDB Social

Being part of MDB Social means supporting other professionals just like you. Share experiences, job opportunities, ask questions, and more. A social network made especially for beauty industry professionals.

Do you have any technical questions?

Do not hesitate to share them with us! Our team of our expert instructors will be there to assist you every step of your personal learning journey.

Post and share your creations

As a stylist, every job is unique. Show what you can do and share it with the rest of the community.

Buy and sell

Post your ads to buy and/or sell in the community’s MDB Market.

Employment Opportunities

Need a hair stylist? Looking for work in the beauty industry? Broadcast the services you're looking for or apply for any jobs available in our online platform.

Intelligent training program.

MDB offers the chance to follow our training programs, adapted to match the quality and standards of highly awarded stylists.

Complete your profile

Each position requires specific proficiency levels that must be fulfilled.

Smart training program

With the MDB Artificial Intelligence training program, you will become the talented professional you’ve always dreamed of being.

Track your progress

As you move forward with your training, benchmark your progress against the ideal profile for the selected position.

Achieve your goals

Learn with the most reputable stylists and take advantage of their specialized training methods.